Retreat Info & FAQ’S

You must have longer than 6 months on your passport or you will not be allowed to board the plane. Please check this immediately.

You are responsible for organising your own flights to Denpasar, Bali. 

Travel Insurance:
Valid travel insurance for your Bali retreat is required.  We use & recommend Go Insurance.

Airport Transfers:
We will arrange your airport transfer from Denpasar Airport to Oasis (retreat venue) & return.
More details will be provided closer to your arrival.

When should I arrive in Bali?
The retreat starts early on Monday morning, so we recommend flying into Bali the day prior (Sunday) or earlier.

Departure times for flights from BRISBANE to BALI:
– Jetstar: 7:05am & 4:35pm
– Batik Air: 7:15am
– Virgin: 9:10am

Can I stay at Oasis (retreat venue) the night prior to the retreat?.
Yes, we have brokered a discounted rate to be able to stay at Oasis on the Sunday night. The below rates will include breakfast on the Monday morning.

Single Occupancy: $225
Double Occupancy: $350

What time does the retreat finish on Sunday?
The retreat will conclude at 11:00am on Sunday.
If needed, we will accommodate early departures based off your flight itinerary.
We recommend flying out of Bali on the Sunday evening flights.  

Departure times for flights from BALI to BRISBANE:
– Jetstar: 12:35pm & 10:00pm
– Batik Air: 10:00pm
– Virgin: 10:10pm

You are also more than welcome to extend your holiday in Bali.

Bali Visa:
This can be purchased as a Visa On Arrival (VOA) in Denpasar Airport or can be done online prior to leaving Australia (e-VOA) via & costs approximately $50AUD.

You will be required to complete your Customs Declaration via the following link within 3 days of departing Australia: 

NOTE: Your accommodation address in Indonesia: Oasis By Where Next – Canggu

Bali Tourist Levy:
From 14th February 2024, the Balinese Government will be applying a new tourist levy at a cost of approximately $17AUD.  Please note this is in addition to the e-Visa (e-VOA) or Visa On Arrival (VOA).

Payment can be made online prior to departure via

Proof of vaccination is currently not required to enter Bali. 
Please check individually to ensure you are covered and can arrive without any incidents. 
Visit for more information.

2 main meals per day are included in your package.  
This will consist of a daily breakfast plus lunch or dinner depending on the days schedule.
We also provide protein smoothies, fresh fruit, barista coffee, fresh coconuts & soda water each day.

Dietary Requirements:
Please ensure you let us know of any special dietary requirements 4 weeks prior to your arrival in Bali. 
We will relay these requirements to the chef’s, caterers & local restaurants.

What should I bring?
– Everyday Clothes: Pack light, airy, and comfortable clothing for your trip to Bali, as the weather is hot and the vibe is casual.
– Workout Clothes: Pack multiple outfits as you will get sweaty.  Long tights are not recommended.
– Themed outfit: Details to be provided closer to your retreat.
– Sunscreen
– Hydrolyte tablets
– Water Bottle
– Hat
– Positive attitude 😊
– Any other personal items / medications you require

There are several local laundromats within walking distance to Oasis (retreat venue). 

Drinking Water:
To avoid getting sick, use bottled water at all times. 
Be especially mindful of not using tap water when brushing your teeth & showering. 
The water in glass bottles that is provided in your room is suitable for consumption.

What’s included in my package?
– 7 days & 6 nights of luxury accommodation
– Airport transfers
– Training sessions
– Personal development workshops
– 2 main meals per day
– Barista coffee, fresh coconut & soda water each day
– Protein smoothies & fresh fruit each day
– Balinese massage
– Pre-retreat training plan
– Access to state-of-the-art facilities including gym, pool, sauna & cold plunge pool.

Sample day at The High Performing Human Retreat:
6:30am: Training session #1
8:00am: Breakfast
9:15am: Personal development workshop
10:45am: Training session #2
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Free time
5:45pm: Sunset on the beach
6:15pm: Dinner

Sample day at The Work In & Work Out Retreat:
6:30am: Training session
8:00am: Breakfast
9:30am: Emotional fitness theory session
11:30am: Lunch
12:30pm: Free time
4:30pm: Emotional fitness practical session
5:45pm: Sunset on the beach
6:15pm: Dinner

Training Sessions:
We want you to have lots of fun and get maximum benefits on your retreat.  
We have scheduled a training program to ensure that you get a good blend of resistance, cardio, movement, yoga & recovery sessions.
Training sessions are not compulsory but they are recommended.

Pre-Retreat Training Plan & Preparation:
Get ready for your retreat with our 10 Week training program.
Tailored for optimal health & fitness, we highly encourage you to follow this plan.  
For any further personalised training or nutrition requirements, please email us directly.

We will be using Myzone Heart Rate Monitors to track your heart rate & effort, help you stay motivated, & improve your workout performances during the retreat.

If you don’t already have one, these can be purchased directly from us for cost price of $100.


Free Time:
The retreat has a great balance of training, personal development, & recovery.
You will also have plenty of free time to relax, unwind, sit by the pool, get a massage, read a book, go shopping or discover Canggu.

You will go home feeling refreshed, empowered & ready to tackle life with your battery recharged.

Oasis is an alcohol free venue. 
If you wish to drink outside of the retreat venue the choice is yours. 
Having said that, to ensure you get the most out of your retreat, we suggest limiting or eliminating alcohol consumption during your retreat week.

Money / Currency / ATM’S:
If you are exchanging cash from AUD to Indonesian Rupiah then we recommend waiting until you arrive in Bali as you will get a better exchange rate.  We will assist you with this upon your arrival to Oasis.

We also recommend setting up an International Travel Card with your bank.  This will allow you to load AUD to the card & use it for transactions without paying excess international transaction fees.

Please set up WhatsApp on your phone one (1) month before your retreat. 
WhatsApp will be how we will communicate with you.

Add Casey on +61 403 599 800 
Add Barton on +61 401 449 716

Canggu Map:
CLICK HERE for a map of Canggu. 
We have highlighted walking routes, spa, food and additional accommodation recommendations.

Recommendations on where to stay if you extend your trip:
Chesa Canggu
Full Moon Canngu
The Cali Villas
Zin Canggu Resort