19th JUNE 2024

Nutrition & Accountability Coaching Program for people who want to look better, feel better, sleep better & perform better.  


Expect to lose 2-4% of your bodyweight in only 10 days.

  • You will have daily habits to follow.
  • You will have a training plan to follow.
  • You will have a personalised meal plan to follow.
  • You will have daily communication with Barton to provide accountability.
  • You will have Barton with you every step of the way to ensure you succeed.

Innovative Training

Fat burning workouts proven to burn more fat than doing it alone:

  • A 10 Day training program to include strength & cardiovascular training.
  • Everything is laid out for you in an app with video demonstrations.
  • Programs are designed for use in either a commercial or home gym (or a hybrid).
  • Movement tracking & accountability via your smart watch or step tracker.

Fat Loss Nutrition

Foolproof, quick, easy & tasty Nutrition Program so that you don’t have to think & still get results:

  • 2 x personalised sample meal plans based on your goals & the foods you love to eat.
  • Food tracking with pictures via the best, most user-friendly nutrition tracking app on the market.
  • Recommended shopping list and macronutrient ‘cheat sheet’.
  • How to measure your portions for fat loss without tracking calories.
  • How to eat healthy foods without following complicated calorie counting systems.
  • How to properly Intermittent Fast for healthy fat loss.
  • How much protein to eat to stay satiated & lean.
  • 9 tips to set up your food environment for success.
  • How to enjoy treat meals without feeling guilty & sacrificing your social life.
  • 46 easy to prepare fat loss recipes.

LIFESTYLE, MINDSET & Accountability

The how to ‘actually stick with it & never fall off’ accountability system:

  • Priority access to Barton as your Accountability Coach.
  • 30 minute initial Coaching Call with Barton.
  • Halfway email check-in with a response & feedback from Barton.
  • 5 short informative podcasts to help build a strong mental game.
  • 3 daily questions to ask yourself to feel happier & more resilient.

Next Level Healthy Habits

The golden ticket to make healthy habits stick & ensure that guilt for eating bad foods is a thing of the past:

  • Daily Habits for Activity, Nutrition and Lifestyle set with your coach, tracked on your habit app so you stay consistent and do what you say you are going to do.
  • Budget Tracker so you know when & how often you can loosen up your diet without forgoing your social life.


If you don’t achieve 2-4% weight loss in 10 days, we will provide you with a credit to the value of your program for any other McGuckin Fitness products.

Terms & Conditions apply.